Team’s slogan is ‘by women, for women’

WEBSITE:   www.dutchessofthesea

Atlantic Dutchesses are looking to become the first Dutch female crew to cross the Atlantic ocean.

Astrid is a 53 year old graphic designer, mother of a good looking boy and who is very spontaneous. Remke is a 58 year old grey(cious) lady. She leads an active lifestyle with her boyfriend and Dutchess of the Sea. Désirée is a 52 year old in-exterior decorator who has two dogs and a lovely guy. A woman with balls. Bela is 52 years young sporty freelance digital consultant, has 3 grown kids as well as a loving husband.

The team’s slogan is ‘by women, for women’ and that is why, as a charity, they are raising money to support scientific research that focuses on heart disease in women. At the moment, 57 women per day die of heart disease in the Netherlands. By researching the early symptoms in women, which sometimes differ from men, their chances of survival can be improved significantly. Lastly, a shout out to de Waard transport & overslag b.v. for believing in us and making sure we have a beauty of a boat to race in.

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