A very rainy day


At 6am it was raining although the temperatures (both water and air) added up to a safe day to row.  And the forecast at the time was for more rain most of the day.  But by the time I finished my usual two mile walk around the rail trail the rain had stopped and the forecast, although very cloudy, the rain had pretty much dried up.

If you are able to go out, enjoy the rest of the day.  I continue to have too many commitments to get out on the Hudson or the Creek but I am sure within a week or so I will be able to join in the glorious waters we have here in Kingston.



Easter Row in Manhattan

It was a windy day that started with alot of sunshine. Very cool 50’s but walking through the streets of Manhattan it was VERY CHILLY. Fortunately it was warmer on the docks but UNFORTUNATELY there were decisive whitecaps that prevented us from getting onto the Hudson. Yeah, the Hudson can be pretty pesky sometimes. Check out the video below: