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The boat used by the Rondout Rower is the EDON TS515.  Manufactured in Australia.  This 17 foot long sliding seat sculling boat with balance outriggers  is perfect both for training and long tours of the Hudson River. The TS515 is constructed in polyethylene foam sandwiched between two layers of solid polyethylene making it not only virtually indestructible and unsinkable, but also stiff and light.  The polyethylene form is closed cell, making it completely waterproof and perfect for boat construction.

Historic wooden boat “the John C Magnus” (a Whitehall) :

The Irish Currach, traditional rowboat

International Red Cross oar specs

Info about fishing on the Rondout Creek:

My dream boat  Unfortunately it is VERY expensive:

Best boat and price (if you want to build it!— I DID!) :  The Annapolis Wherry

Little River Marine Heritage Guide Boats

Atlantic Ocean crossing Row Boats:


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