Currach: traditional Irish boat

The history of this rowing boat dates back maybe thousands of years. Irish communities keep the tradition up by building these historic boats by hand.

The Currach is a type of traditional Irish boat with a wooden frame, over which animal skins, canvas or in this case, ballistic nylon can be stretched over. This short film (2018) documents the history, planning, construction and launch of Currach Na Sceiri (Skerries Currach).

Filmed in Skerries, North County Dublin, Ireland.

Typically found on the west coast of Ireland, and sadly declining in numbers, Shane Holland decided to keep the tradition alive and designed a unique, hybrid version encompassing the best features from the traditional boats.

Also, a great book about all aspects of this historic vessel.

The Boyne Currach: From beneath the shadows of Newgrange
by Ehood Books :

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