Who rows?

Doctor of Urology from Woodstock.  Tri-Athlete wants to compete in masters rowing.  But first row was rough.  Nevertheless he will NOT be intimidated!  August 3, 2022

March Goldstein Aug 3 2022

Marketing exec and entrepreneur from Woodstock wanted to learn to scull.  Great first row on the Hudson off Kingston Point Beach. Bravo, Laurie!  June 25, 2022.

Laurie Marks June 25 2022

Zoya and daughter Harriet, locals from the area take their first lesson off the City docks .  They have added rowing to karate as their new sports to do together.   Bravo, ladies!     Oct. 11, 2021

Lawyer from Stone Ridge and mother of two beautiful daughters wanted to learn to row the EDON TS515.  After a short introduction on land she rowed a couple of miles up and down the Rondout Creek.  Not bad for a novice!  Oct 14 2020trisha-macdonald-10-14-2020

Jody Sterling, retired English teacher and US Sailing Certified Small Sailboat Instructor, took one off her bucket list.  We hope she will continue to improve on rowing skills in the near future.  July 15, 2020

Jody Taffet Sterling july 15 2020

Jamie Dryer, Fitness Coach, enjoys a row to the Rondout Lighthouse in our single trainer TS515.  The water was super choppy at the lighthouse but wonderful on the Rondout Creek.  A wonderful workout!     July 11, 2020.

Jamie Dryer July 11 2020

Vivian Yess Wadlin, owner/publisher, advertising director, designer of AboutTown First time in sculling boat. She takes a spin by Island Dock in the Rondout Creek to check that off her bucket list.  July 1, 2020.  (During Covid19 pandemic.)

Vivian Wadlin July 1 2020

Amelia Villa, hairdresser, saw the rowers on her daily walk along the railway and wanted to learn to row.   On October 1st, 2019 she made her dream come true.

Amelia 10 1 2019

Paulina Belsky, a physical trainer, sails with The Impossible DreamOn September 23rd, 2019 she checked “rowing in a shell” off her bucket list.  TheRondoutRower was happy to make that little dream come true.

0923190746c hdr

0923190746c hdr

Brenda Miller, a new rower from the rowing club.  Wanted to practice some sculling on her own.  A sculptor, 77, swimmer and kayaker, is making inroads to a new sport. 9.5.19



Sandy, a human resources consultant, newly joined the rowing club and wanted to better understand sculling.  9.3.19



Bob from Essex, CT wanted to try out the EDON TS515 before buying.  He is an avid kayaker and felt that he could easily learn rowing for which he has a great interest.  But rowing requires flexibility in the knees and Bob realized this within a few minutes of riding the EDON.  He vows to work on flexibility and return in the spring.  Look forward to working with him again. Tue., Aug. 20, 2019

Bob Tisdale

Peter and Sara from Ventura, California wanted to do something different on their mini-vacation.  So they went rowing on the Rondout Creek with theRondoutRower! Fri., August 9, 2019


Victoria Johanet, a Special Education Contractor, from Greenwich, CT, and living in Monroe, NY.  An avid kayaker wanted to try rowing.  On her first lesson manages to row to the Rondout Lighthouse.   A phenomenaly good first row.  Bravo! 7.20.19

Victoria Johanet 7 20 2019

Antonio Flores-Lobos, “El Mochilero”!, 7/9/2019:   Antonio Flores-Lobos, is a nationally awarded journalist and the former editor of Las Noticias, a weekly Spanish language newspaper that served the Hudson Valley and was published by the Daily Freeman from 2004 to 2013. Now a radio announcer, he is an articulate, well-traveled speaker, interviewer, and now appears to know how to row solo! Check out his Mochilero show archives at Radio Kingston and practice your Spanish!  Great interviews, great music.

Antonio Flores-Lobos

Wayne Ford, 6/12/19 sunset row. Wayne is a master woodworker and shipwright who teaches woodworking at the Riverport Wooden Boat School for the Hudson River Maritime Museum.

0612191819a 1

0612191819a 1

Yesterday we provided Ivan Rudolph-Shabinsky, of Rockland Rowing,  our  EDON TS515 sculling boat.  Here he is at Rockland Lake State Park where his club currently rows.  It was overcast but Ivan quickly jumped in and raced off into the lake.  He and some of the members of the club had just gotten back from the World Masters Rowing Regatta in Sarasota Florida and will be going soon to the Head of the Charles Race in October.        Oct 2, 2018

New friends, Jimmie D, certified sports nutritionist and personal trainer and Monique, a dog groomer, joined me on the Rondout Creek for a first lesson in rowing on our training sculls on the Rondout Creek. Avid kayakers and cyclists they enjoyed learning a new way of tenjoying the creek. Sept 5, 2018

Ian and Adina, musicologist and musician, visitors to Kingston from Cambridge, MA. Aug 9, 2018

Robin Masi, anesthesiologist, cosmetologist and baker! Now a Rondout Rower. 7/2/2018

robin masi

Although she has sailed the Caribbean Sea, Suzanne Walton, owner at ROWAN Woodwork, likes to row the Hudson River and the Rondout Creek at 6am (or thereabouts).

Suzanne Walton.jpg

Peter Wetzler, award-winning composer, musician, music director AND recent co-winner of the City of Kingston Distinguished Artist Award 6/7/2018

Peter Wetzler 6 7 2018

Tom Edwards, former owner of Fox & Hound Wines, former head of the New York State Liquor Store Association, former VP of the Rondout Rowing Club when I was President. He loved to say “you can go down to the dock at 6am and rest assured the rowing whores will be there to share a row with you!” To put it nicely “people get hooked on rowing and will go down to the dock to find others with their same addiction”. 6/6/2018

Tom Edwards 6 6 2018.jpg

Beth Alden, veterinarian and mother of 2017 Kingston High School crew member Taylor, 5/29/2018


Alison Luria Wurtz, Certified Academic Language Therapist. 5/25/2018


Jess Hastings,
RN HealthAlliance of the Hudson Valley Emergency Department 5/23/2018


Sheila Wise, real estate agent, midwife, rowing coach and “Mother Teresa of Rowing” 5/22/2018


Margo McGilvrey, Geezers on the Go (Peripatetic People) May 18 2018

at dock hair blewn

Noelle Adamo, writer, poet, board member Maya Gold Foundation 04/27/2018

Noelle 4 27 2018.jpg

Anezka Sebek, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Media Design, Parsons School of Design, New School University


Nelsie Aybar-Grau, the Rondout Rower.

Me on Ninja in Norfolk