Nelsie Aybar-Grau – career


Programmer/Analyst at Lehman Brothers (June 2001 to April 2002)
for Pinkerton Computer Consultants

GNMA Conversion Effort : Analysis and maintenance on mandated changes to entire system; clearing by JPMChase; analysis of online, batch and DB2 systems.

Cost of Money System: Analysis leading to discovery of faulty code in this system; design of new code in program to streamline code; delivery of correct detailed data.

Late Payment System: Analysis of system to enable charging for non-USDollar transactions; document the undocumented.

Stock Collateral Export System with per share rate: Data enrichment and delivery to systems downstream.

Environment: COBOL II, DB2 6.0, FILEAID, QMF, QSAM/VSAM utilities, MVS/ESA


Programmer/Analyst at Brown Brothers Harriman (April 1999 to April 2001)
for Pinkerton Computer Consultants

IDC/SIRS Project: Analysis of data from vendor to design DB2 subsystem housing information related to securities (such as equities, bonds, convertibles, put/call information, sinking funds, ticker and rating information). Subsystem drawn up included 36 tables. Work with Data Architects to describe data relationships according to company policy. Work with DBA’s in executing DDL to establish tablespaces, tables, index spaces, and indices. Design load programs and daily update streams. Implement the design.

ISIDPlus Project: Analysis, redesign, reprogram to receive new data feed from vendor which updates the Securities International Ids database thereby making this system Y2K compliant. Prepare turnover and implementation plans, co-ordinate implementation with various departments involved.

Decision Support Project: Create Turnover Analysis Reports to provide management with the ability to systematically measure performance as a function of turnaround times so as to improve workflows.

Environment: Command Level CICS , Intertest , COBOL370, DB2 5.0, FILEAID, QMF, Platinum, QSAM/VSAM utilities, MVS/ESA


Programmer/Analyst at Lehman Brothers (June 1997 to January 1999)
for Pinkerton Computer Consultants

Participated in project to automate SWAP SWIFT message (202 & 210) parsing and inserting into DB2 Delivery System to be picked up, reformatted and sent to the MERVA system for release into SWIFT. Involved in analysis of Lehman FXNET flow to determine how to allow Lehman FX non-bank customers to use FXNET (previously only banks were allowed to do this). Participated in analysis to allow special flow for Lehman FX Emerging Markets transactions to be treated separately from normal transaction flow. Participated in project to convert FX History file to contain value dates beyond the Year 2000.

Environment: Command Level CICS , Intertest , COBOL II, DB2 3.0, FILEAID, QMF, QSAM/VSAM utilities, MVS/ESA


Programmer/Analyst at Chase Manhattan Bank (June 1996 to June 1997)
for Pinkerton Computer Consultants

In the Securities Lending Division of Chemical Bank, participated in the merging of the Chemical Securities Lending System with the Chase Manhattan Bank Securities Lending Division. Work involved the conversion of VSAM file structures in COBOL CICS and Batch with some DB2 COBOL conversions.

Environment: Command Level CICS , Intertest , COBOL II, DB2 3.0, FILEAID, QMF, QSAM/VSAM utilities, MVS/ESA


Programmer/Analyst at A.I.G (Nov 1995 to May 1996)
for a Tangent Consulting

As Programmer/Analyst at the Information and Analysis Group provided data mining of the Claims Litigation System, Loss Management System and the Claims Recovery System DB2 tables for various AIG departments. Among the reports designed were Claims with Recoveries Greater than Payments, Litigated Claims, Inactive Claims, Case Assignments by Worker’s Comp Handling Offices, Environmental Claims, Cases within Methods of Conclusion (Settled, Arbitrated, etc), Product Liability Claims per SIC Codes.

Environment: DB2, SQL, QMF, TMON for DB2, COBOL II, QSAM/VSAM utilities, MVS/ESA, FILEAID, MS Access, MS Excel


Programmer/Analyst at HIP of Greater New York (May 1994 to Nov 1995)
for Pinkerton Computer Consultants

Participated in project which involved modifications to the QCARE system, a software package written by GTE. The modifications were to allow for a new insurance plan option called “Point of Service”. The tasks involved VSAM file expansions, online program modifications in COBOL CICS as well as batch Cobol program modifications and job stream adjustments. Participated in analysis of 3M software package in order to implement retroactive claims adjustment processing.

Environment: Command Level CICS , BMS, Intertest , COBOL II, QSAM/VSAM utilities, MVS/ESA, FILEAID, CA JCLCHECK


Programmer/Analyst at Smith Barney Brokerage (Nov 1993 to Apr 1994)
for Pinkerton Computer Consultants

Participated in the Mutual Funds project conversion of data input from one financial services bureau to another. Project involved DB2 table changes, program modifications both online and batch, JCL stream coding, testing in staging environment, implementation and post installation user support.

Environment: Command Level CICS , DB2 2.3, Intertest , COBOL II, OMEGAMON for DB2, QMF, QSAM/VSAM utilities, MVS/ESA


Local DB2 DBA for Chemical Bank (Feb 1987 to Oct 1993)
as Employee

Participated in the full life cycle for the Central Funds Control Intraday Risk Management for the Geoserve Funds Transfer division. Responsibilities included, but were not limited to: drawing up DB2 DDL for new tables and table changes,
prepare JCL, PROCS, CARDS for loading and unloading data into/from tables for three CICS regions; Analysis/tuning/troubleshooting of SQL for both CICS and
batch programs; Coding and maintenance of both CICS and batch programs; Provide management with ad hoc QMF reports; Provide quality control of all
current and historical CICS queries; Implementation, planning and management of program, plan, JCL, PROC, CARD, DCLGEN, etc. turnover with IBM’s INFOMAN and Legent’s ENDEVOR packages; Batch network scheduling definition and flowcharting.

Environment: Command Level CICS 2.1.2, DB2 2.3, Intertest 4.X, COBOL II, TSO/E CLISTs, OMEGAMON for DB2, QMF, DATAEXPERT, QSAM/VSAM utilities, MVS/ESA, PARITY for DB2 Plan Analysis. Other Software used for ad-hoc analysis and documentation: Microsoft WORD, EXCEL, dBASE III, IRMA for downloading/uploading from PC-to-Mainframe, FLOW for batch Network flowcharting


Programmer/Analyst at Manufacturers Hanover Bank (July 1984 to Jan 1987)
for Pinkerton Computer Consultants

Designed, developed, coded and tested sub-system to transmit Funds Transfers to MHT’s SWIFT Front-End system. The method used to transmit these messages was remote writes to ESDS files. Participated in Functional Analysis of new Global Funds Processor. Involved in functional analysis of Funds Control Bypass where automatic credit checking was performed when the Funds Control system was down. Participated in High Level design of above-mentioned systems. Participated in User Acceptance Test and Environment Test of the Global Transaction processor which entailed communications transfer of
funds between three source systems (DOS/CICS, DATAPOINT and MVS/CICS) and two target systems (MVS/CICS and NCR) via ISC TD queues and VTAM bisync lines.

Environment: COBOL, Command level CICS 1.6, Intertest for debugging, VSAM, OMEGAMON for CICS, MVS/XA


Programmer/Analyst at Berkey Photo MID (Dec 1981 to June 1984)

Designed, developed, programmed and implemented an on-line Purchase Order system to interface with existing Inventory, Sales and Forecasting systems. Researched existing batch Purchasing system and analyzed document flow to determine file structures. Designed master, table and audit trail files. Designed and programmed batch reporting system and all on-line programs that would automate purchasing function. Wrote JCL necessary for CICS tables and all batch job streams. Provided user training on the new system.

Environment: DOS/VSE, CICS/VS Macro-Level Assembler, Intertest for debugging, VSAM for files

Education and Training

Graduate Bachelor of Arts 1973
InterAmerican University
San Juan, Puerto Rico

Technical and Personal Development Seminars and Educational Coursework:

IBM Certified Solutions Expert – DB2 UDB V7.1 Database Administration for Unix, Linux, Windows and OS/2, Sept. 2002

Data Modeling at Computer Associates, June 2001

Java Programming Language; Sun Microsystems, September 2000

DB2 Database Administration; IBM; Summer 1999

Windows Programming in Visual Basic 5.0; New York University;
Spring 1998

* Certificate in Networking Technologies: Coursework completed at NYU in the Spring of 1997:
-Business Applications for Networks*; Spring 1997
-Network Analysis and Planning*; Fall 1996
-TCP/IP* Stacks; Summer 1996
-Data Communications; Spring 1996
-Telecommunications Technology; Fall 1995

Hands-on Windows NT; Business Communications Networking Review Institute; May 1996

Microsoft Project; Chubb Institute; April 1996

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