Craig Forsyth will be last but not least!

Craig, a bricklayer and former professional Rugby League player from York, UK holds the title for taking part in the most editions of the Clipper Race (sailing).

“I enjoy a life of adventure, new experiences and challenges to test my boundaries.; When it comes to the end of my time, I wanted to make sure that I have lived and that there is no mileage left in the clock of life. To row across the Atlantic is something I have read about, and wanted to do for some time. The challenge certainly seems like an amazing way to use up 3000 miles on the life clock. I know that the thought of being out in the middle of the great ocean with nothing to hear but your own thoughts and nothing to see but miles of endless water does terrify people, for me it is bliss. With the support of my family and friends, I’ll be leaving my native Yorkshire and its comforts (apart from Yorkshire Tea) behind to head for the Atlantic Ocean. Having embarked on a few extreme endurance challenges in the past I know the physical and mental strength needed and while relishing the test this offers, and being able to prepare physically for the rowing, I am aware of the highs and lows that may be ahead of me It takes a lot of courage to ask for help, either during or after a career in Sport and despite the importance of mental health regularly hitting the headlines, many sports people still suffer in silence with the stigma of mental health haunting them in the shadows and not asking for the help that they need. Sporting Chance does incredible work supporting both individuals and organisations across the world of sport, to address mental health, emotional welfare and addictive disorders; a very fitting charity for such a sporting endeavour as rowing the Atlantic.

Team’s slogan is ‘by women, for women’

WEBSITE:   www.dutchessofthesea

Atlantic Dutchesses are looking to become the first Dutch female crew to cross the Atlantic ocean.

Astrid is a 53 year old graphic designer, mother of a good looking boy and who is very spontaneous. Remke is a 58 year old grey(cious) lady. She leads an active lifestyle with her boyfriend and Dutchess of the Sea. Désirée is a 52 year old in-exterior decorator who has two dogs and a lovely guy. A woman with balls. Bela is 52 years young sporty freelance digital consultant, has 3 grown kids as well as a loving husband.

The team’s slogan is ‘by women, for women’ and that is why, as a charity, they are raising money to support scientific research that focuses on heart disease in women. At the moment, 57 women per day die of heart disease in the Netherlands. By researching the early symptoms in women, which sometimes differ from men, their chances of survival can be improved significantly. Lastly, a shout out to de Waard transport & overslag b.v. for believing in us and making sure we have a beauty of a boat to race in.

Three ex-university female rowers row the “Dolly Parton” Across the Atlantic


Atlantic Antics are three ex-university rowers with a shared love for the sport. Hannah, Flo, and Georgie have a thirst for adventure. Hannah and Flo rowed together at the Universty of Bristol where they both started out as novice . Georgie then joined them as the third team member. She too began her rowing career as a novice, at Lincoln University. They are racing to raise money and awareness for the charity Women in Sport. All three have had their lives shaped by their participation in sport where they have found friendship, built confidence, and challenged boundaries. Women in Sport is a fantastic charity whose aim is to end gender inequality in sport. 1.5M more men participate in sport than women, and this is a gap that needs to be closed. The girls’ competitive spirit means that they have their sights set high on breaking world records and to become the fastest and youngest female trio to row across the Atlantic.
Their second charity is RTHM (Rowing Together for Healthy Minds) – a mental health initiative in the rowing community that raises money for the charity Mind. RTHM was started following the suicide of former-UBBC rower René Zamudio. RTHM aspires to raise the profile of mental health in rowing, by partnering with boat clubs across the UK to inform athletes and coaches about the symptoms of depression and other disorders. It’s an incredible initiative that we’re proud to be supporting.”
Watch this space to see their antics as they prepare for the challenge of a lifetime.

“We will be rowing in a brand new Rannoch R45 Elite, named Dolly Parton (as we absolutely love her!). She’s eight metres long and two metres wide, with only two small cabins for protection against the waves, storms, and powerful sun rays. If the waves prove too much and the boat capsizes, it is designed to self-right.”

Follow them in the Atlantic now: