Solo row Wed. Aug 26 2020

Beautiful sunrise, of course.  I notice I can get a selfie with an upside down and right side up bridge and backwards.  Cool.

Sunrise on the crane also makes it look more rusty than it really is.  Cool.

Then at the lighthouse all hell breaks loose.  The wind creating quite a chop.  I think I can still make it to Kingston Point Beach and give it a try but meet up with more wind and a flood current that is pushing north.  But it is a tug of war with the wind blowing south and the current pushing north.  I try to video tape around the Kingston Tanks but I can either hold the camera or the oars and not both. I give up and row back to the lighthouse before I surf to the lighthouse (boat is not really meant for surfing).

At the lighthouse I try again to video tape but just then the wind and current set up another battle and at the confluence its always worse.   Sorry for the sound effects —I am still struggling to keep my oars perpendicular to my boat as I video tape.

As soon as I get back on the Rondout Creek all is calm.  You can see it in the limping flag.

4.63 miles on the eCrumbs map.  

Rough waters by Kingston Tanks and I can’t control camera and oars at the same time.

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