Solo Row today

9934 meters (6.17 miles) To/from US Coast Guard “K/F” Diamonds marker (check out the spot on the map picture). It was a beautiful morning but I immediately dead ended into a tree that had fallen in the channel on the north side of Island Dock. Why dead ended? Because I row backwards and have a habit of not looking where I am going because I know this channel like the back of my hand and did not anticipate a tree falling across it last night! I rowed out on the Hudson to Red Nun 74 to enjoy the wonderful breezes the Hudson provides and was curious about the little tower I can see from the beach when I am there. So I rowed to it. There were at least two osprey nests on top and the inhabitants were very distressed with my visit. Then turned on my NK to find out how far I had traveled. When I hit home port I double the meters. This way I save the battery, Great link to study US Coast Guard markers:

1 Row beginstree barrierfallen treeArrival at confluenceView from Red Nun 74KF markerMap99 zz from KF marker to home

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