Henley Royal Regatta 2019 King’s Cup

Remember to listen to the History of the King’s Cup

So to recap the seven King’s Cup (Peace Race commemorating end of WWI) of July 2019.  There were eight teams:
1 Australia
2 Canada
3 Germany (did not race in 1919)
4 France
5 Netherlands
6 New Zealand (did not race in 1919)
7 United Kingdom

Here are the individual races.  Notice the diverse timings. ?  Can you figure out why?
July 5 – Australia (winner)  vs Netherlands 8.18 mins Sir Matthew Pinsent announcer
July 5 – Germany (winner) vs New Zealand 5.24 mins
July 5 – Canada vs USA (winner) 7.49 mins
July 5 – France (winner) vs UK 4.17 mins
July 6 – Germany (winner) vs Australia 7.10 mins
(Sun) July 6  – USA vs France 7.33 mins Sir Matthew Pinsent announcer
(Mon) July 7 – Germany vs USA (winner) 9.54 mins Sir Matthew Pinsent announcer

And a local team member from Connecticut was part of the Navy crew that won.  Here is the story on the Kent School’s web page about the event.  Great read! Kent School Plays Role in King’s Cup Win at Henley by U.S. Naval Academy

Also, a great book about the first King’s Cup: https://rowingaustralia.com.au/product/pulling-through-the-story-of-the-kings-cup/

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