Full Moon Zazen on the Hudson

Row/paddle to the Hudson just south of the Rondout Lighthouse in the bay by George Freer Park.
Meditate together as we face the moon. It is the “corn” moon, or the “harvest moon”.
Rowers/paddlers may rendezvous on the creek just north of the 9W bridge (in front of HRMM) at 7:30pm. Forming a tight group we can navigate to the lighthouse and then right onto the Hudson River and form a line (or series of lines if we are many) in the bay in front of George Freer Park facing the moon.
The moon will rise to the south east and should be easy to see at that time.
All participants will JOIN AT THEIR OWN RISK. Rowing/paddling at night on the Hudson and or Rondout Creek can be dangerous. However, if we all wear clothing that is visible from a distance and put lights on our boats so that they can be distinguished from all sides on the water we should be pretty safe. And if we stay together it will be even safer. We will also use signals to remind folks that they are drifting too far or that larger boats are approaching. We will also have emergency horns and encourage you to bring same if you have one.
TIDES for Wednesday, September 2nd, 2020
08:45 AM EDT -0.0 feet Low Tide
02:34 PM EDT 4.0 feet High Tide
07:26 PM EDT Sunset
08:07 PM EDT Moonrise
08:58 PM EDT 0.3 feet Low Tide

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