Rowers docks under the Wurts Street Bridge were removed

I have noticed the docks under the Wurts Street Bridge are missing so I asked what was the plan for them.  These are the only truly “public” docks with access to the Rondout Creek here in Kingston.  

The City sought and received a DEC grant to replace the public launch at Dock Street. Julie Noble is Project Manager for this project. At this point the City has gotten into contract with the State. The next step is stakeholder outreach, then design, procurement and installation. Of course, installation cannot happen until the Wurts Street bridge is complete.

Last week on my early morning walk

I love the early morning’s on Kingston Point Beach.  Almost always the water is calm and it is very quiet.  As soon as the weather improves (when the water plus air temperature is above 100 degrees) this is where I will launch my boat for a lovely two mile row.

Here you see a barge pushing its cargo North towards Albany.  The seagulls vie for bits of food in the shallow waters of low tide.  In the distance the Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge is shrouded with morning mist. Alot of people drive out here just to take in the peaceful scene.  It calms the mind before a long day of, well, whatever.

Moon on Rondout Creek


Totally unexpected.  I had an early appointment at my doctor’s in Poughkeepsie and as I drove over the 9W bridge I noticed that the moon was shining over the Wurts Street Bridge.  It is a waxing gibbous moon…after the Full Moon last Friday night (which I never got to see because of the cloudy sky). All the lights on the Kingston Promenade Walkway are also reflected in the Creek on the right.