Tracking the Atlantic Ocean crossing rowers

Our Head Safety Officer has just had a 45 minute conversation with the Fight Oar Die crew as they make their way to Canada. The crew are in excellent spirits and asked that the other crews and all the followers know that they are happy and healthy though clearly disappointed not to be finishing the row.
They are battered and sore but report that the ship they are on has an excellent chef and they are eating like kings and recovering well. Part of the discussion was to get the details of what happened and what can be learned to help future rowers and this will continue once the crew are back ashore.
Their conduct and actions at sea were exactly what was required and they kept cool heads and acted selflessly and with courage to look after each other. Atlantic Campaigns will continue to speak with them and assist their journey home.


Above posted on Facebook by Atlantic Campaigns

Tracking: (Check this out! === > Click on top bar “Overlays/map flag”, it will say “Toggle Wind data”, then click on “Windy”, then on drop down where it says “Temperature”)




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