Tracking the Atlantic Ocean crossing rowers

Our teams have been at sea for three days now! An initial shock to the system is to be expected, this is an endurance event like no other that can push your mental and physical capacities to their limits, even in the early days of the race. For some teams there are high spirits on board and for others the reality of what lies ahead of them is sinking in. 🚣
The rocking sway of the boats has resulted in sea sickness for a few of our rowers, as they battle through the nausea that can be debilitating at times. The advice for sea sickness is to take the tablets, stay hydrated and try to keep food down as their bodies acclimatise to the motion of the ocean! There are a few sore hands… and a few sore bums as well. Even the challenge to keep the body with enough energy to sustain the exertion of rowing can be hard.
There have already been reports of unbelievable whale and dolphin sightings, which our teams have been very happy to see! 🐋
Most teams are heading a steady course, however, as you may have noticed a few stray dots on the YB Races app! For some of the teams, they have been on para-anchor due to the unfavourable conditions of the wind that has meant they’ve had to deploy an anchor to keep them still. Others have had some teething issues with their route plotting which has resulted in some changes of course.
Whilst it is still too early to work out who is in the lead, with more favourable and helpful conditions on the way our teams will soon be able to start heading west towards Antigua. 🧭
For more updates from our teams, follow our stories on IG and FB! Head to our Instagram page to see the amazing videos our rowers have been taking over the past few days.


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