Yes, picture perfect.

But a little too cold…..and too many commitments today.

If you look at all the sunrise pictures I share you will notice that they are all unique.  This one was quite a surprise.  I can’t remember seeing these colors before.  I think that the amount of moisture in the air changes the colors (I never use filters).  And since the moisture in the air varies considerably it can affect the way the picture looks—dramatically.

Then it should give pause because every picture you see is a once in a lifetime picture.  Be happy that you caught it, that you enjoyed it.  And if you can, share it.  Every moment in your life is precious.  We are only here for a dozen or more decades.  Remember that each time you experience a sunrise.

I have only started categorizing my sunrise pictures separately but going forward I will do so.  So that you can browse them and compare.

Thanks for your interest.  And if you have a second, please like the page and the website.  I would GREATLY appreciate it.

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