MONDAY ……..January 10th, 2022….. Time:……4:50 am EDT
Feels like 20°F (High 30)………CLOUDY ……Humidity 52 % …….
Wind 9 mph WNW rising to 11 mph at 12:00 pm …… Precipitation : 11 % @ 9:00 am
……Water temperature 32.9 °F (0.9° C); …………………..
Water plus air temperature = 47.9 °F
Lat Long: 41.92 N ..73.96 W
Low Tide 1:38 AM 0.12 ft (0.04 m)
High Tide 7:36 AM 3.4 ft (1.04 m)
Low Tide 2:20 PM 0.54 ft (0.17 m)
High Tide 7:54 PM 3.07 ft (0.94 m)
02:42 AM slack –
06:00 AM flood 1.36
09:06 AM slack –
12:54 PM ebb -1.36
03:42 PM slack –
06:36 PM flood 0.93
09:12 PM slack –
———-Sun & Moon—————-
Sunrise : 7:23 am↑ 119° Southeast
Sunset : 4:44 pm↑ 241° Southwest
Moonrise : 12:01 pm↑ 77° East, 56.5 % visible, Waxing Crescent
Moonset : 12:40 am↑ 279° West
Daylight Hours: 9 hours, 21 minutes (+1m 18s)

[Ebb current is when the water flows towards the south (Poughkeepsie). Flood current is when the tide flows towards the north (Albany). Slack is the period in between when the water is still (not flowing north or south).]
Understanding USCG markers in our area:
NOTE: For updates throughout the day, use the links below. Also there are interesting links to videos about “our reach”.. ENJOY!
Kingston Weather:
Water Temperature
Moon Phases, Sunrise/Sunset
Waterways, Rowing and Regattas: rowing through the ages

My Reach

How to read a compass:,in%20the%20direction%20of%20south.
Waterflow at Rosendale
Click on this

Click on Bottom right “Detailed map symbology……”

Click on “+” to zoom into dot over Rosendale, NY
Track the Atlantic Crossing Rowers on their 3000 mile voyage

Check out how they are all doing by going to the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Campaign tracking link:
Use the drop-down tab to see Wind, Temperature, Pressure, Clouds, Currents, Waves, Rain

Or check out all the details about this incredible annual event at


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