Magazine articles on rowing multiply

Although this article was written on March 3rd, 2016 AT 3:00 PM EST, it was shared on my timeline by another rowing blog TODAY!  This article is in a magazine called Style Caster (one of those very annoying glam magazines that have so many pop-up ads that you can’t even read the article).   The article is written by Jasmine Garnsworthy ( an editor at StyleCaster, covering everything from health and fitness to celebrity news, street style, and pop culture. She swears coconut oil can fix anything, obsessively face-mists through all stressful situations, and will try any wellness trend at least once. Past jobs include editor gigs at POPSUGAR Australia and Australian women’s site Mamamia.)

All the points are valid today as much as in 2016.  But the revolution (my characterization) in rowing popularity is only just beginning, really:

Check it out:

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