A very curious day on the Rondout Creek

From the Tides and Currents reports you can see that the current was ebbing at 2:18am and should have hit low tide at 4:02am and about an hour and a half later slack (no current) should be visible.
Ebb current is when the flow is from inland (Rosendale) and heads towards the Hudson.
The prediction, as seen here in the USGS data, was for the reverse to commence about 8:30am when the “flood” current begins. Flood current is when the water flows from the Hudson to its source in the north and pushes inward towards Eddyville and Rosendale. Flood current ends with high time. Supposedly at 9:39 am.

At around 7:10am I went down to the waterfront at the bottom of Front Street and noted that the wind was supposedly blowing from the northeast towards the southwest.

At about 7:30am I threw a twig into the water to see where it would go. It headed easterly towards the Hudson as if it was ebb current.  (See the video link below). 

OK. So even though the discharge rate at Rosendale is much higher than normal, the velocity (speed) is never greater than 1.5 knots (in this instance).


This is me testing the direction of the current by tossing a twig to see in which direction it will go.  To the left is ebbing current, to the right is flood current.  What was it at 7:20am this morning? 


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