You never know (today’s row)

Today I decided to go for a short, maybe 4 mile row, but it didn’t turn out that way.  I was just going to relax and move my body for a couple of hours. After catching both the moon and the sun in one of my selfies I crossed through the Sleighsburgh to go directly onto the Hudson River and south (check map below).  I can only do this at high tide and so it provided a short cut.   My plan was to just go down the Hudson for about 45 minutes.  Much to my surprise within that time I found myself at Big Rock Point!  I forgot that the short cut provided me extra time.  I saw my friend’s beautiful sailboat there and, of course, decided to turn around since this was much farther than I wanted to go…  But, helas, I then realized why I had gotten there so quickly.  The ebb current had just begun and began to press on me southwards.  Ugh.  And a brisk northerly wind did me no good.  In fact, the tug of war between the current moving southwards and the wind moving northwards set up some white caps and made my return journey as hard as it was easy going down!  Thankfully the tide was still high enough that I could cut across the Sleightsburgh again but at the point where I could cut across the Osprey crane.   All in all a great but vigorous 7 mile row this morning.

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