Sunday Solo row Sept 6 2020

As you can see the map shows a 7 mile plus row up the Hudson.  I note the moon is high in the West.  I hear a sound behind me and when I turn around  I see a tugboat pushing a barge south inside the  channel.  .I love the sound it makes as it passes by.   I continue north along the shoreline  which will soon be well known as Quarry Waters  (see  It is very quiet and beautiful.  I stop and pull my boat in for a break and take note of the very clear water (I can see my feet!).   On the way back I run into some SUPers who launched from Rhinecliff.  They picked a splendid day to paddle the river!   As I go back up the creek I see what looks like an eagle on the leafless, scraggly tree on the north bank of the creek.  I am henceforth call it “Eagles Perch Tree”.  

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