Solo Row August 19 2020

It started off beautifully with a sunrise and funny little clouds. I notice a camper at the marina. A Winnibago I would love to own. Again, the sunrise bathes the bridge with bright color as I row under it (the bridge is mostly grey and rusting). The little sparrows on the bridge lines enjoy the warm sun on high. Heading northeast towards the lighthouse I glance over my starboard at the Sleightsburgh and notice a massive flock of great white egrets. I had decided to go to Kingston Point Beach and back because it is a nice 5 mile row. Other than a few rowing club scullers, nobody was out on the water. As usual, very peaceful, very quiet. Then, when I get to the beach area the water becomes flat. The breeze I had experienced when I launched disappeared. I notice an orange kayak launch from the beach. His name is Jim and he says hello. We talk a bit about kayaking and the Hudson and for whatever reason (maybe because I am curious about water people) I ask how COVID19 is affecting his life and he says “very well”. I am surprised and ask for an explanation and he tells me he does sales on Etsy and business is booming. I ask what he is selling and the says, to my surprise, “Playboy magazines”. Makes sense. Then on my way back I catch two fellows at “a-ton #1” (coast guard “aids to navigation” number 1 on the jetty). They are contractors checking that all is well with this marker. Later as I row into the creek towards home I hear a powerboat behind me. I look over my right shoulder on my port side to see who is coming out of the creek but see no one. I still hear the powerboat and wonder what is going on. I jumped when I saw it was the coast guard contractor’s boat navigating between me and the bulkhead out to the lighthouse. I guess you don’t have to know how to navigate a channel even if you are a coast guard contractor.

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