Paddle to Cruger, Magdalen Islands

Great adventure with friends Margo and Bob yesterday, August 16, 2020.. We had 2 SUPs (Anezka and I), a canoe and a sleek kayak. We launched from Glasco Mini Park and headed towards Cruger Island (see map of Hudson section below). The mile or so across the Hudson was treacherous. We learned that the SUPs, although slow, did the job. The sleek kayak, of course, had the best performance (and, I must say, a great paddler!), and the canoe had the most trouble as it sits higher on the water and the wind was a very big problem, setting up a severe chop all the way across. After going under the amtrak bridge at Cruger we returned to the Hudson and headed up to Magdalen Island. A short stop on Magdalen and we were back across the Hudson again. Both Cruger and Magdalen are south of Saugerties and north of Kingson, NY.

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