Whitehall row in Manhattan last Sunday

I went to Manhattan last Sunday to experience rowing in the Hudson in a historic Whitehall replica with the Village Community Boathouse rowing club. I knew it might rain and was sure they would cancel or abort the row. But we rowed for an entire TWO hours in the rain. It was too much fun. There were 4 boats out that day. Twenty people willing to row for two hours in the rain. Now THAT’s the spirit of rowing. But for some it was the experience of a lifetime for at least three of the rowers were from the London Cornish Pilot Gig Club. They wanted to know what pub we were rowing to. They always row to a pub in London, have a few drinks and row back. Check out the websites for the pilot gig clubs in England. There are many! But the London Cornish Pilot Gig Club boasts that they are the first and only gig club to be based on the Thames. By the way, the Hudson is way wider than the Thames. The Londoners were impressed.10201910311020191031a1020191037102019103910201910401020191040b10201910411020191041d10201910421020191042_HDR1020191042a_HDR10201910431020191043_HDR10201910461020191046_HDR1020191115_HDR1020191142102019114510201912401020191240_HDR1020191246_HDR10201913341020191412

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