Re-reading “The Boys in the Boat”

The first time I read this book was August 2013. I have to read it again because now I know SO MUCH MORE about rowing, regattas, etc. that I need to experience it again. Here is a quote I found in Chapter 7 that now has so much meaning for me. It is when the Washington State boys come to the East for the Poughkeepsie Regatta:
“….They could handle almost any amount of wind and wave on Lake Washington, but the waves on the Hudson River were different—long, low waves that hit the boat from the side, leaving the blades of their oars flailing at air one moment, sunk too deep in the water the next. The effects of tide and current baffled them. The water itself was not supposed to move under their boat, was not supposed to take them places they did not intend to go, Bolles shouted “Way ’nuff” through his megaphone and waved the boys back to the shell house.”
Just sayin’.

Boys in the Boat cover.jpg

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