Sunrise at Kingston Point Beach

Met a client to go for a practice this morning at Kingston Point Beach.  Been wanting to try the idea of “open rowing” on the Hudson.  The EDON TS515’s outriggers provide a level of safety that “crew” shells do not have and I wanted to get the feel  of the current, waves, wind on the water.  Kingston Point Beach is VERY breezy most of the time.  Years ago I ventured in these waters with a crew quad boat and we had the dickens of a time rowing out of it.  It never occurred to me that it could be FUN!  It is a VERY DIFFERENT type of rowing where your skill at managing waves that constantly attack your stability is what matters most.  It takes time to build that skill.  Like getting on a bronco horse.   Never mind that my client was 77 years old and a novice rower.  Having kayaked in similar conditions she never lost control of the boat.  Kudos to her!

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