MONDAY… July 8th, 2019….. Time: 5:20 am EDT
60°F (High 85)…..CLOUDY……Humidity 74% …..Wind 4 mpr NNE ()
Water temperature at Albany: 78.1°F; Water plus air temperature = 138.1°;
Rain 0%
05:28 am Sunrise
06:36 am HIGH TIDE
07:48 am SLACK Current
10:30 am EBB CURRENT
01:27 pm LOW TIDE
02:30 pm SLACK Current
05:36 pm FLOW Current
07:25 pm HIGH TIDE
08:33 pm Sunset
08:42 pm SLACK Current
11:36 pm EBB CURRENT
12:13 pm MOONRISE (Waxing (increasing) Crescent, 38.0% visible) MOONSET 12:43 am Tuesday
[Ebb tide is when the water flows towards the south (Poughkeepsie). Flow tide is when the tide flows towards the north (Albany). Slack is the period in between when the water is still (not flowing north or south).]
NOTE: This information is manually compiled from different websites. If you see a mistake please let us know.
Thank you.

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