June 4th, 2019: Fantastic row

Got to go out alone and enjoy one of the most spectacular mornings on the Rondout Creek and the Hudson River.   It was rather cool, a brisk 43 degrees (!), and, contrary to what the weather forecasted, it was rather breezy.  The water temperature just over 63 degrees in Albany.  And a brilliant sunrise.  A few wisps of clouds….just for decoration.  I had no morning commitments so I was relaxed and took my time getting into my boat at HideAway Marina where I launch.

The current was ebbing and as soon as I got into my boat I was carried northeast out of the marina corridor.  The wind helped me along.  By the time I put my socks and water shoes on (I had to wade in the water to get into the boat)  I was well up the corridor.

I should have been happy with the ebb current whisking me out but with the wind AND the current there was a bit of a chop that made rowing sluggish to start.  It was close to 7am and I was still a little bit sleepy.    With a slow, methodical pace, my body began to wake and my ears enjoyed all the birds chirping and singing morning songs.  The early morning calm I so enjoy when rowing in the mornings.  Meditative.  Peaceful.

After 20 minutes I look across the creek at the jetty and see a bald eagle sitting on the bulkhead.   I wish I had a long lens to capture a picture.  On the north side of the jetty the water is extremely shallow.  At low tide, as it was today, I see gulls prancing about their little feet no more than a couple of inches into the water.  There are  a couple of mounds of earth and rock in the middle and the eagles can often be seen there scouting for breakfast.

map of 6 4 2019 row

As you can see by the lighthouse picture below, the breeze continued but did not detract from my row.  My outriggers ensure that my boat stays balanced even when I stop to take a picture or two.  I stop at the beach to rest from rowing over an hour.  I love that you will find flowers everywhere you go at this time of year.  Then after I finally got back to shore and walked a bit along the waterfront  promenade I see a small airplane using the creek as a runway to take off after ensuring there are no boats in it’s path.  Wish I could take that ride!




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