Mahe Drysdale

Drysdale is a two-time Olympic champion and a five-time world champion in the single sculls. He is a seven-time New Zealand national champion and five times has received the accolade of New Zealand Sportsman of the Year.


Youtube Highlights:

2016 Henley Diamonds Final – Drysdale v Obreno   <=== when he LOST!

Mahe Drysdale 2015 HOCR 1 of 2 17:43

Mahe Drysdale 2015 HOCR 2 of 2 17:43

2018 Henley Diamonds Final – Drysdale v Borch               (6.01.34 record)                                                                                                                                                                             Analysis of Drysdale at Diamonds Henly 2018 10:40 by Aramtraining