Henley Royal Regatta – Diamond Challenge Cup

The Diamond Challenge Sculls is a rowing event for men’s single sculls at the annual Henley Royal Regatta on the River Thames at Henley-on-Thames in England. First run in 1844, it is open to male scullers from all eligible rowing clubs. The Diamond Challenge Sculls, the Wingfield Sculls and the London Cup in the Metropolitan Regatta make up the “Triple Crown” of the three premier single sculling events in the United Kingdom.  Scullers planning to compete will gain enormously by studying this series of races.

  1. O. Quitmann v M. Goretti
  2. M. Fraenkel v H.D. Leask​
  3. J.M. Temple v M.J.S. Schmid
  4. J.W.M. Burns v O. Zeidler
  5. K. Borch v S.G. Innes
  6. G.G. Krommenhoek v T. Wilkinson
  7. A.M.O. Drysdale v M.G. Brigham
  8. Matthews v L. Adema
  9. M. Goretti v H.D. Leask
  10. M.J.S. Schmid v O. Zeidler
  11. M.G. Brigham v L. Adema
  12. K. Borch v G.G. Krommenhoek
  13. H.D. Leask v O. Zeidler
  14. O. Zeidler v G.G. Krommenhoek