Greenland Paddles

A Little History of Greenland Paddle

Why use a Greenland Paddle
The key advantage of these paddles is the lighter and effectively more restful paddling rhythm that they develop. The swinging motion develops greater use of the core muscles, reducing arm and shoulder fatigue, and largely eliminates wrist flex and ultimately wrist injury, particularly over long distance touring.

Greenland paddles require a little practise to develop proficiency but it is building familiarity not overcoming complexity that requires the practise.

They have a significantly simpler shape, without the variety of scoops, feathers and compound blade angles found in modern western paddles. The Greenland paddle’s narrow profile means that it is less prone than a typical sea paddle to flutter and twist in the water and the wind. This makes paddling smoother and combines to make rolling, bracing and paddling more straightforward; because the blades are symmetrical there is no need to search for the right position to prepare for the required stroke. This means that many paddlers find the Greenland paddle easier to learn to roll with.

Without doubt once you develop familiarity with a Greenland paddle you won’t feel a desire to return to the modern western imitation! The Greenland Stick is the ultimate sea paddle developed over centuries of use in a demanding environment.

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Why Go Greenland?

A Greenland paddle was used by the Inuit paddlers of Greenland. It predates the European blade shape by thousands of years and is characterized by a long slim blade (typically around 3 1/4 – 3 1/2 inches wide) and a shorter loom (or shaft). The Greenland paddle, or “stick” as it is sometimes referred to, is regaining popularity among modern paddlers because it is easy to brace and roll with and is less susceptible to strong winds than a wider “Euro” blade. With its narrower blade it is also less stressful on muscles and joints, and therefore less fatiguing on longer trips.

When learning to roll, the buoyancy of a Greenland paddle helps in static braces, one of the steps used to teach a lay back roll. With its symmetrical design and buoyant nature it can also be easier to setup and keep at the water’s surface during a roll.

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