Boat Building Challenge at HRMM Sat., Oct. 1, 2022 VIDEOS

NOTE:  Hope someone got better videos than these but I did this with my cellphone and did not vary the zoom lens. Enjoy!

At the time of row current was in “slack” status and wind was blowing westerly hard (to the right).  This was the second part of a boat building competition.  So these rowers had just finished building the boat they are in in FOUR HOURS!!! Many contestants are non-rowers or first time rowers.  It is amazing how these people accepted the challenge and went at it the best they could with a wind that was determined to take them up the Creek!!!

First video: 4:26 minutes                                                                                                  Rower on right has oarlock problem:  second and third rower collision avoided
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Second: 4:00 minutes; another rower with oarlock problem carried away by wind
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Third video: 4:07 minutes:  rower fell back at buoy but recovered quickly
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Forth video: 8:54 minutes; one rower backs entire distance; other rower paddles like a canoe, backwards also!
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Fifth video: 5:21 minutes ; rower on left rows facing bow; rower on right rowed twice due to partner with back issues—nicely done Jeannie! Last rower came in canoe style!
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