Anezka Sebek, cv

Curriculum Vitae
Anežka C. Šebek

School of Art Media and Technology
Parsons School of Design, The New School, A University
2 West 13th Street, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10011-7902

2016 Ph.D. Sociology
The New School for Social Research
Dissertation: Family Homelessness in the Small City

2004 Master of Arts in Media Studies
The New School For General Studies, New York, NY
“Dyke TV, A Study in Lesbian Media Activism”

1972 B.A. in Spanish Literature, cum laude
Drew University, Madison, New Jersey

2004 – present Associate Professor of Media Design, School of Art Media and Technology
2009, 10, 11, 14 Distinguished Teaching Award Nominations (2014 – Semifinalist)
1998-2010 MFA Design and Technology Thesis Committee Chair
1999-2003 Fulltime Faculty MFA Design and Technology
1998-1999 Adjunct Faculty MFA Design and Technology

2018-13-11 BFA Design and Technology Thesis Studio
2018 Educational Technology and Design Thinking (cross-university elective)-
Learning Community Charter School, Jersey City, New Jersey (Middle School)
2018-January Design for a Billion-at Gandhinagar, India Institute of Technology
2017 University Lecture: Immersive Storytelling (cross-university lecture)
Gateway Course to Immersive Storytelling Minor
1999-2017 MFA Design and Technology Thesis Studio
2017 VR and Storytelling-STEM
Learning Community Charter School, Jersey City, New Jersey (Middle School)
2016 Making Virtual Reality Pi, a STEM learning experience with Liberty Science Center,
The Learning Community Charter School, Jersey City, New Jersey (Middle School)
2015-Spring BFA Integrative Studio 2
2013-2017 MFA Design and Technology Major Studio 1 & 2
2014-Spring Live Action Role Play Games- (Arts for Survival Toolkit Grant)
with Nick Fortugno and Louise Montello -New School for Public Engagement
2011 Experimental Games Collaboration Studio
2011 Linear Zoetrope Studio with Josh Spodek at Submedia,
Union Square Subway Installation summer 2011
2011 Information Architecture with Christopher Kirwan in China
2010 Streaming Culture Collaboration Studio -Creation of Streaming Technology at Parsons
2010 Reimagining Orozco with Sylvia Rocciolo and Eric Stark
2009 VizRT Touchscreen Interactive Display (AMT BFA Thesis Show)
2008 Fall Kingston Together with Kingston High School and The City of Kingston
2008 Spring Songs and Light with Michael and Monica Schober and Ernesto Klar
2002-2011 Experiments in Motion Capture with Curious Pictures, Inc. (Spring Studio)
1998-2005 MFA Design and Technology Major Studio (Narrative)
1999-2005 Animation Track BFA Senior Production Studio
2004 Africa Animated! 3-Week On-Site Workshop to teach Animation to African artists in Zanzibar, Tanzania and Nairobi, Kenya
One year of coordination of faculty curriculum preparation
2001 Spring Motion Capture with the Joffrey Ballet and The New School Jazz School

Parsons Faculty Coordinator: Student Exhibitions

2017 Fall Thesis 1 Cache Pop Up Show– a pop-up show for first semester MFA Design and Technology Thesis Students
2015-2018 Spring Major Major – Pop Up Show MFA Design and Technology
Major Studio 1&2 Exhibition
2009 -2010 MFA Design and Technology Thesis Symposium
initial concept creation and oversight
2000-2011 Parsons Animation Festival – Founder/Coordinator of faculty-juried festival

Parsons Student Development Workshops

2009 -2011 MFA Design and Technology Collaboration and Ideation Workshops with Margaret Fiore (Fall/Spring)
2000 -2009 Reel Workshops – preparation for the media industry (Spring Yearly)

Professional Development

2018 Compassionate Systems Thinking – Peter Senge, Mette Boell
MIT J-WEL, Boston
2018 Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Methods Intensive –
Theresa Breland
2016-2018 Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Group – Mariah Doren
2016 Critique Methods – Mariah Doren
2017 Understanding and Engaging Millenials – Rita Breidenbach
2017 Supporting ESL Grad Students’Reading & Writing -Jeanne Lambert
2013 How Learning Works Book Analysis – Lisa DiBenneditis


Spring 2018 Media Mentoring Grant, with Deborah Levitt, Shannon Mattern, Mackenzie Wark
Spring 2018 Mentoring Grant, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning with Mariah Doren, Timo Rissanen, Cotter Christian.
Mentorship garnered from Peter Senge
2014-2018 Student Research Assistant Fund (Parsons-Yearly)
2016-2017 Cross School Funds: Immersive Storytelling Symposium With Kyle Li (AMT), Nick Fortugno (AMT), Jess Irish (AMT),
Jane Pirone (SDS) Greg Climer (FASHION)
2013-2014 Arts for Survival Toolkit (Polaris, New Jersey-Human Trafficking Survivor Advocacy) The New School Collaboratory, Provost’s Office and Rockefeller Foundation with Louise Montello (PI) Shelley Wyant and Nicholas Fortugno

Forthcoming Articles

2018 Immersion in the Workplace:
A unique model for students to engage in real world service design
Cuaderno, 78, March 2020
Cuarderno del Centro de Estudios en Diseňo y Communicación.
About the (2015-18) collaboration with John Jones and Roman Kalantari at Fjord/Accenture, New York.
2018 Now You Touch It, Now You Don’t: Experiments in Virtual Interfaces.
Ars Electronica Expanded Animation Anthology (invited) 2018

University-wide Projects

2018 Spring Fashion Virtual Reality Pilot Project
Scanning coordination for Archival Garment VR Experience
2017-February Immersive Storytelling Symposium
Production and curation of panels and speakers
Sponsored by Nth Degree Lecture Series and NYC Media Lab and
Parsons Cross School Funds (400 attendees)

2008-09-11-13-17 Prix Ars Electronica: Computer Animation Jury (Linz, Austria)
2008/11/13/17 Jury Statement Author
2000-2018 Host, ASIFA-East Festival (Yearly since 2000)
2017-Sept Google Blocks Workshop (Onsite Coordinator)
as part of the NYC Media Lab Summit at The New School
2004 ACM Siggraph, Los Angeles, CA
Computer Animation Theater Jury and Director
Creation and Production of Interstitials and Show reels
Coordination of Animator Panels
2003 ACM Siggraph, San Diego, CA
International Computer Animation and Electronic Theater Jury
1997-1999 East Coast Digital Consortium (founder), New York
Organization to join industry professionals with education

Lecturer and Panel Speaker

2017-October Panel Moderator and Interview: Jon Oringer, Founder of Shutterstock
The World Summit on Innovation and Entrepreneurship
curated by Sam Hamdan
2017-October New Jersey Charter School Conference – “Making VR Together” – Collaboration between Higher Learning Institutions and Charter Schools with Tammy Walters, collaborating adjunct faculty Parsons
and Colin Hogan, Principal of The Learning Community Charter School
2015-September Experiments in Virtual Reality Interfaces, Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria
As part of the Post-City Ars Electronica Festival (Linz, Austria)
2012-June Writing Across The Curriculum Savannah, Georgia
Session: Writing Across the Curriculum as agents of Paradigm Shifts
MFA Design and Technology Parsons, The New School
Addressing Specific but Universal Needs
2010 New England Faculty Development Consortium
Collaborative Ideation Research Forums
2010-October International Conference on Animation Education, Bejing
Motion Capture Technologies in the Curriculum
2005-August ACM Siggraph, Los Angeles
Educator Quick Takes: Motion Capture at Quinnipiac and Parsons
2005 WPS1, MoMA New York-Host: Daniel Durning
Discussion with John Macintosh: Chair Computer Art, SVA, NY
Trends in Education: Animation
2004 Syllabus Conference, San Francisco with Andrew Baron
Motion Research Collaboration Studio in the MFA in Design and Technology
2004 NYC ACM Siggraph, Work Zone
Work from Africa Animated! (with Nina Paley)
2003 New York Women in Film and Television (panelist)
Branding and Media Convergence
1997 New York Women in Film and Television (panel organizer)
Ad-Venture Capital (understanding funding for independent filmmaking)

Independent Filmmaker

2006 Rosendale Theatre – Young Filmmakers-Video Editor and Instructor
2004 Dyke TV: Television to Incite, Provoke, and Organize! Director (Camera/Editor)
Mixed Messages Film Festival, Narrative Documentary Prize
The New School for General Studies
2003 The Wedding Party – Camera/Editor/Producer
in collaboration with LGBT Marriage Rights organizers
Landfill – Director/Producer narrative short (16mm)
Cleveland International Film Festival Selection 1998
Hudson Valley Film Festival 1998, live score performance by
Peter Wetzler

Professional Appointments

1994-1995 Judge Dredd-Feature Film starring Sylvester Stallone
Executive Producer of Computer Graphics
Kleiser-Walczak Construction Company
1993-1994 HBO Studio Productions, New York
Director Graphics and Visual Effects Department
1992-1993 Editel Graphics, NY
1986-1992 R/Greenberg Associates, NY
Business Manager
Producer of Feature Film Opening Titles, Computer Graphics, R/GA Print

Freelance Visual Effects Producer

1995-2000 MTV (Viacom)
Cyber Cindy Motion Capture
Ratso Ritzo Digital Puppetry and real-time animatiion
Curious Pictures, Inc., New York
Elmo’s World Digital Puppetry with Sesame Street
CDNow Campaigns-live action/stop motion animation
Showtime Promos-live action/computer animation
Humpty Dumpty Hospital Campaign-computer animation

Nicholson New York
Pequot Fort Simulated Archeological Reconstruction


Administrative Appointments
2015-18 Immersive Storytelling, BFA Minor creation/oversight with Kyle Li
2012-13 AAS Motion Graphics Curriculum (with Ken Tanabe) under Julia Dault
1999-2013 Parsons: PUDT/PSAM Course Coordinator
Time Based Courses: Motion Graphics, Computer Graphics, Sound, Digital Film

Search Committees

2016-2017 Assistant Professor of Screen Studies, Eugene Lang College
2016-2017 AMT Assistant Professor Media and Interaction Design, Parsons (Chair)
2010-2011 Photo: Associate Professor of Photo, Parsons (Chair)
2006 Assistant Professor of Media Design, Parsons
2005 The New School Provost

Parsons Divisional Faculty Committees

2018 Spring MFA Design and Technology Admissions Committee (Chair)
2017-2018 Making Center Committee AMT for Design and Technology
2012-13-15-17 RTA and Rank Review (Chair-Fall 2017)
2010-2011 Parsons Recruitment and Retention, AMT Representative (Chicago)
2013-2016 AMT Peer Mentors creation and oversight
2010-2011 Design and the Social Sciences: Design of Curriculum (with Ben Lee)
2008 Faculty Development Fund Reviewer
2004-2013 AMT P3 Representative for Design and Technology
1999-2003 Library and Archives Committee

Parsons Faculty Governance

2009-2015 Parsons Faculty Council re-elected to a third term beginning Fall 2018
2013-2017 PFC-(Subcommittee Chair) Advising and Student Peer Mentoring, pilot
program in AMT for Peer Mentors, selection, training, and supervision
2009-2012 Parsons Faculty Council (Bylaws/Curriculum Committee)
2008-2009 Founding Chair of Parsons Faculty Assembly and Council
2004-2008 Parsons Faculty Senate Bylaws and Phase II Appendix

University Committees

2016-present Institutional Review Board
2017-2018 Augmented/Virtual/Extended Reality Committee

University Faculty Governance

2004-2009 University Faculty Senate: Governance Committee
2005 University Faculty Senate, Secretary
2004-2009 University Faculty Senate Governance Committee
1999-2003 Faculty Advisory Committee to the President

Community Service

2013-2018 Raising Hope, a United Way Women’s Mentorship Group
2011-2015 Family Inn (emergency homeless shelter), Kingston NY (PhD Field Study Site)
Future Readiness Group Instructor (Volunteer)
2015-2016 Midtown Rising
Affordable housing collaboration group
2008 Woodstock Film Festival &Center for Creative Education Kingston, NY
Summer Filmmaking Workshop for Youth at Risk
2002-2006 Young Filmmaker’s Workshops, High Falls, NY (Director)
Summer Workshops for Young Filmmakers

Citizen Action, Kingston, NY (Since 2015)
American Sociological Association (since 2011)
Continuum of Care, Kingston, NY (Organization to track and alleviate homelessness) (Since 2011)
Association of Computing Machinery (since 1992)

Languages: Dutch (native) Spanish (read/basic speech)

June 2018