Lighthouse to Lighthouse Row Saturday, October 22nd 2022

Food for thought on a row that could take between 3 and 4 hours.

Rondout Lighthouse
Esopus Lighthouse


Time ……. Event    Speed (knots)
12:54 AM slack –
04:36 AM ebb -1.34
07:30 AM slack – <=== Best to launch sometime after this
10:48 AM flood 1.27 <=== This would push you back north easily
01:36 PM slack –
04:54 PM ebb -1.40
07:42 PM slack –
10:24 PM flood 1.22

Length of row is approximately 10 miles round trip.
Possible pit stops are: George Freer Park, Big Rock Point.
Check pictures.

1 Kingston Point Beach to Rondout Lighthouse .81 miles

2 Rondout Lighthouse to George Freer Park area .75 miles

3 George Freer Park to Big Rock Point area 1.30 miles

4 Big Rock Point area to Esopus Lighthouse 2.01 miles

Tides Sat Oct 22 2022

Distance between Kingston Point and Esopus Lighthouse
Map of area between Kingston Point Beach and the Esopus Lighthouse.
Kingston Point Beach parking
Water Trail Map with Facilities

Kingston Point Beach to George Freer Park Distance

George Freer Park to Big Rock Point Distance

Big Rock Point to Esopus Meadows Lighthouse