City Docks under the Wurts Street Bridge

The docks and ramp under the Wurts Street Bridge were built by the city of Kingston for about $3,000 in 1998.  Made out of wood it has a freeboard of less than 5 inches (which is smaller than the standard for most rowing docks).  What does that mean?  To assist rowers entering and exiting the boat or racing shell, having a dock that is relatively even or level with the boat is the best situation.  Freeboard is the height of the dock above the water line. Floating rowing docks that are close to the water are considered to be low-profile. Having a low-profile dock with 5-inch freeboard is imperative to the safety of all athletes, including adaptive rowers and paddlers on ADA and accessible rowing docks.  

This dock can be used during the summer rowing and paddling season and, guess what?  There is NO FEE in using it AND parking right along side of it is FREE until 9 am (it is $.75 per hour after that, but it is also free after 6pm).   The city is now trying to get a grant to replace this dock.

IMAGE 1 of 5:  This is an 8 shell departing from the dock, back in the day.  Now the rowing club departs from the dock at the Maritime Museum east of here.

Here is the background history of the dock:

Now the docks are in a bit of disrepair.  Over ten years of earth are embedded between the wooden boards and weeds love to grow there.  When I can, I try to remove as many as possible: